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NINJA GENESIS is a cutting edge live action web series that will combine the visual style of films like SIN CITY, 300 and THE SPIRIT with the short form digital format. A cutting edge original web series it is centred around a group of marital artists who helplessly watch their neighbourhood overrun with crime and violence, culminating in the death of their sensei at the hand of organized crime. The five misfits, four men and one woman - all from different walks of life, band together to avenge their master. They take aim at the heart of organized crime instigating a bloody war that exposes the web of corruption that has reaches all the way to the top of city hall. They have started something they can’t stop and doing the right thing will require them to risk everything.

Produced by:‍ ‍Cote Entertainment, VFX by Cantina Creative‍‍‍‍‍‍