Once the muscle for a rising crime family, Lance is recently released from prison living in solitude, when he crosses paths with a damaged woman and her family who live down the hall. When he discovers her son is wanted by Quinton, his old crime boss for botching a job that could cost Quinton his empire, Lance finds himself pulled into their lives, forced to face his dark past head on. For Lance, it means doing things he swore he’d never do again in his last glimpse at redemption for a guilt-ridden life. Both men land at an inescapable crossroads where Lance realizes the one thing worth living for can only be saved by his ultimate sacrifice and Quinton stands facing a changing world that he can’t survive alone.

Produced by: Gearshift Films (Torment, Lost, Found), Madhouse Entertainment (Prisoners, Black Box),  Cote Entertainment (Selection, The Bounty)

Written and Directed by: Brent Cote

Copyright Cote Entertainment 2015