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Inspired by actual events in 1648

Long before the famed Salem witch trials, Hartford Connecticut sentenced and put to death the first self-confessed “witch” in US history. Her name was Mary Johnson. She was a servant to a regal family outside of Hartford, who was was accused of witchcraft and murdering multiple children in ritualistic fashion. She is a historic figure who paved the way for  witch hunts that caused hysteria and bloodshed for decades, claiming thousands of lives.

In present day, Leo, an orphan who has been haunted by his family’s horrific death his whole life, is about to find out he is the last descendant of Mary Johnson. When he inherits the Johnson estate, the curse Mary Johnson cast on the town in 1648 is about to find Leo and open the door to a past he has been running from... leading him to a fate he can’t escape.

Produced by: Madhouse Entertainment (Prisoners, Black Box),  Cote Entertainment (Selection, Outpost, Tainted)

Written and Directed by: Brent Cote