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The Denver International Airport has been the subject of an array of conspiracy theories suggesting the American government built top secret underground facilities below the airport. Substantial evidence exists proving rare high tech materials and construction costs in the millions were paid for by the government and then mysteriously vanished from all records. The one question which has never been answered is... WHY?

INCURSION looks at these conspiracy theories with the idea that the Denver International Airport houses a government facility holding not only proof of extra terrestrial existence, but aliens and alien technology. Area 51 ha‍‍‍s long been used as a decoy for the real alien facility, hiding in the bowels of the airport. INCURSION tells the story of what would happen if the aliens came back for what we stole.

Produced by: Imagination Park Entertainment, ‍Cote Entertainment, VFX by Cantina Creative

Written and Directed by: Brent Cote