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In a futuristic prison with cutting edge technology and an immersive zoo-like viewing experience for the general public, a tour of a new violent offender wing gets trapped inside with the inmates they came to gawk at in safety. This prison, which relies strictly on technology to protect the public from the violent inmates they are fascinated with, becomes an idealistic warden and his tour group’s worst nightmare. Technology becomes corrupted and their fate lies in their own hands and on their own will – but can they survive being trapped with violent inmates without becoming corrupted themselves?  And if we poke the beast and exploit the evil in man, do we deserve what happens when it bites back?

Produced by: The Coalition Group (Gloom, Mech, Huntsville), Madhouse Entertainment (Prisoners, Black Box),  Cote Entertainment (Selection, Outpost, Tainted)

Written and Directed by: Brent Cote